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What Is Pain Management?

Pain is familiar to all of us and is probably the most common reason someone sees a doctor. Pain Management is not so familiar, and referral to a pain management specialist can at first be confusing. Pain at times indicates injury, such as a broken bone or a cut, and the reason for the pain is obvious. Pain at other times can be more mysterious, and may represent a symptom of something else, like infection or inflammation. When your pain is thought of as a symptom, like other symptoms such as a fever, cough or rash, diagnosis at times requires referral to a specialist.

Pain Management specialists are specially trained physicians who can evaluate your symptoms and help to make an accurate diagnosis. Having the right diagnosis is the key to having the right treatment. Pain Management specialists are equipped to work with your doctor to help evaluate, diagnose and treat a variety of pain problems. Sometimes evaluation is as simple as an office visit, other times special tests are necessary. Treatment can involve medications, therapy or advanced nerve blocking techniques. The first step to recovery is, of course, the evaluation, so don't hesitate, take a step!

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